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Discover the new ‘you’ at White Candle Spa where you get the most updated spa services personalized according to your requirements. We know your rejuvenation needs and offer the perfect solution to help you shine naturally.

  • Completely natural spa solutions
  • Absolutely skin-friendly oils and other rejuvenating agents used
  • Best massage and rejuvenation experts on board
  • Personalized spa services for better experience
  • Free offers and discount coupons available round the year

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Trust your wellness needs to the White Candle Spa where the best rejuvenation experts exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and expertise to provide you the most awesome solutions to retain your agility and ageless beauty. Every skin type is different and a lot depends upon how much stress you need to face; our wellness solutions are designed exactly according to your wellness requirements. Whether it is skin ageing problems like wrinkles, etc. or simply a desire to look naturally beautifully, every concern of yours meets a beautiful end at White Candle Spa – the ultimate destination for beauty and self-care.

The fast-paced life does come with the requirement of handy beauty treatments, which are easy to use and are skin as well as pocket-friendly. We are the specialized harbingers of beauty and wellness who want to see you fresh and beautiful for years to follow. Our spa services specialize in skin treatments, face-lifts, acne treatments and many more, and have loads of beauty solutions that can help you shine like a rock star in the horde. So, sign up for our beauty and wellness specialized services and get that ‘wow’ factor in your looks.

Our beauty treatments are 100% natural, safe and skin-friendly and have proven to be the best wellness solutions for all skin types. At White Candle Spa, dedication is the key rule and our experts do not leave your side till you reach your best self in terms of beauty and well-being. They put their purest essence of knowledge about your skin health and give you the undeniable beauty regime that is not to be found elsewhere. So, rediscover your beautiful self and fall in love with yourself again with the best solutions with guaranteed results that await you at our spa – the ultimate address of rejuvenation and wellness!

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Our Signature Therapy

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White Candle Signature Foot Massage

White Candle Signature Foot Massage

Time Dur : allow 30/60 minutes

The theory of reflexology lies in the understanding that the foot have reflex points that correspond to the internal organs and limbs to balance all…

White Candle Harmony Therapy

White Candle Harmony Therapy

Time Dur : allow 90 minutes

Natural oils help stimulate the senses, the added benefits of the oils also help rejuvenate the body and mind. Skin is smoother and prepped for…

White Candle Spa Signature Therapy

White Candle Spa Signature Therapy

Time Dur : allow 120 minutes

Signature Treatments are designed to not only relax and rejuvenate, but they are often associated with numerous health & wellness benefits. These massages includes Effleurage…